Mark And Talia's 1969 Road Runner grocery getter project.

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  • I will give you a background on the car. My Wife was raised in a small town in Northern Idaho called Kellogg. During her teenage years her dad started collecting a few cars here and there. When I say collect he had everything from a ’71 bug, ’50 Willeys, 78 Corvette, 67 GTX. His true love though has always been Mopar. So my wife started working on a 1969 GTX with her dad in high school. They spent most of her high school years working on it. The summer of 95 just before my wife’s senior year, her mom decided she was fed up with my father in law and wife always working on the car and she wanted one to work on and fix up. So out of spite my mother in law, found this roadrunner on EBay in Las Vegas, bid and bought the car. The auction said the car was drivable and running strong. When they flew in to LV to pick up the car, it was not as advertised. So my in laws purchased a dodge diesel truck, rented a Uhaul and towed the car home. As you can imagine the competition between the in-laws and their cars was intense to say the least. When my wife graduated high school and joined the military her parents found that they did not have the time to put into the cars and they were parked and forgot about. About 2006 her parents moved to Southern California to help take care of her father-in-laws mom, and so the cars were all passed around to family and the rest were sold. My Wife’s sister took the GTX (it was rare and worth more money to her….sad to say). Her dad towed the RR down to Utah and dropped it off at my Wife’s, but she had little kids, a farm, Military career and no extra time or money for the car. So it spent 10 more years parked in a barn.

    Last year we had very little snow for skiing and snowboarding so we had a lot of extra time with nothing to do, and decided to put our efforts into getting this classic dusted off and worked from the ground up. So we had the car towed out of the barn and brought into the garage. I have to say I was pretty excited to take the pressure washer to that dust covered wonder…..

    The car had already been modified from the owner in Vegas, so I do not have matching numbers on the car so we are going to do it as a RESTOMOD.
    I need all the help, advise, tips and lessons learned from everyone!

    2-28-2019 My Wife and I tore the car completely down and its currently at the sand blaster.

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  1. halojumper
    Restomodding it would be cool, but could be a little expensive. But if you could find a wrecked LX platform Charger/Challenger, and scavenge the parts.
  2. 340challconvert
    Good luck with the Runner:thumbsup:
  3. All4rocks
    Nice car! if you lived close to me id help ya!
  4. HD539
    Nice project. Keep us posted on your progress
      zippyRR likes this.
  5. zippyRR
    After getting it home she puked on my driveway!
  6. FrnkNsteen
    Cool. Lots of sentimental value there. Should be a fun project!
      zippyRR and bearman like this.
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