New 493 stroker

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  • Pictures of the new 493 stroker built by Tom Tiganelli here in Michigan. Engine blueprinted, deck 10.709", heads 86cc, eagle billet crank, eagle rods, 990 pin, .030 over diamond 13 to 1 pistons, total seal rings, fresh valve job on chry. Stage III heads with new springs, keepers, retainers, match ported heads and intake, Lunati solid cam, 600 lift, 320 dur., 1964 chry. Cross ram, 2 1964 3705s Carter 750 cfm carbs, (replaced with new Eldenbrock 1407, 750 cfm. might sell the 3705s, they are an 8, new gaskets, jets, metering rods, set to factory jetting.). MSD billet distributer, MSD digital box. FB_IMG_1522980599450.jpg FB_IMG_1522980626075.jpg 20180422_095218.jpg 20180427_125250.jpg
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  1. vitaminrunner
    What's your direction? 1/8 mile - 1/4 mile or just an awesome street car? Love to see a launch pic
  2. gooser
    were is toms shop now he did a few motors for me back in the mid 70s
  3. bearman
    can you say go faster. nice
  4. moparnation74 please!
  5. Michael McFadden
  6. MoparSlim
    Wow...awesome engine!
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