New garage with second hood installed ** more pics added **

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  • F4850427-3E75-4FC2-AB70-6A32493E6A71.jpeg 799EAA78-69C9-44F0-B17E-9E71905A7302.jpeg E9943F46-E7B1-4272-A417-FF8E7CDF3B1C.jpeg 295770D7-B269-48C8-8E88-63D7166DB77C.jpeg E2AB2804-AC19-4D31-96DE-70B2D4AA3646.jpeg B2F26D3B-F764-4143-9D6E-F56ED35C72E8.jpeg 3CA7716F-226A-4E21-ACE4-0F1D4FB66E19.jpeg 4488879C-ACBD-43E8-8494-543FDF087F69.jpeg 74C1CFCA-26FF-4A89-99AC-B49ACB01EB93.jpeg 3B58730A-3E88-4C03-B001-07E394324FAA.jpeg 61AE322E-0223-4D12-8374-D5F908550269.jpeg 25E6C915-9862-4A76-B5F4-1E87B105453B.jpeg 51787CC2-251C-4672-B843-581836FD179D.jpeg F9E109F4-847D-4C8D-8C5F-93408219EC72.jpeg 0D8A29D9-87CB-4BD3-A7A1-EAFFF0193ADF.jpeg AB08ED5D-F3AA-40E4-BA50-8F2F03745E5D.jpeg D2CD8316-CEA7-48C3-B66E-3E3F8D9C5E2C.jpeg 595920E0-6A15-4811-AABC-1329F90296CA.jpeg C299C156-117F-4A92-84D2-ACBBA0E71737.jpeg 68EFABFD-AC6E-4917-9E68-9AD61E2CF441.jpeg 5577D7FB-3645-41BE-9214-987A6C72A6B5.jpeg 77F302FE-3BE3-4066-BEF4-7FAF20CE6256.jpeg FD6B334C-F5FE-4336-8CDC-BB7AF34B8054.jpeg 7B993A6D-8F82-45B7-B093-AE159F44854F.jpeg 0D882C1E-C067-4539-9CB8-5DA6AA70F8B9.jpeg 4E68891A-9085-4127-A2BC-080E617BCB04.jpeg CB0DAA27-9937-4F1A-96DB-C719A39E9F5C.jpeg 07A3C3A9-A6AF-48A7-9C80-733B7334B385.jpeg F73A7806-E64B-455B-B6F6-72A0CD13C289.jpeg 1273BF7C-C96B-4AAB-8F6C-59FD295D1AE4.jpeg 94207B9D-AEF6-4FAA-AF80-B16AB2B41EF0.jpeg 60E0D1D3-2E5B-4C54-8F43-FA1EA19A7C45.jpeg 99A465DB-3C7F-42FD-BF66-6E0DFEBBD866.jpeg 5D4440B3-65A6-41A3-B846-7740B31B5544.jpeg E86E727F-EF59-4566-95A2-1BEC256435B6.jpeg 1D9438CC-24F6-4A82-A237-867699BBE3A4.jpeg 0DFF62B0-308D-4028-9F00-5CEF8134198D.jpeg 5E4C62AE-BC76-458C-BACE-B38B5D2A5BB6.jpeg 36B3F07B-CE98-4025-AAF6-497DAE3772CF.jpeg D87ED915-D6FB-448E-82BE-17A3E37E0C66.jpeg 044B3D08-DCDF-4D40-BA13-6B38C22E2D1F.jpeg AFF422CF-301C-4877-B6AF-948246C7949D.jpeg E80C9FB1-A99B-489E-A027-6489A555C95A.jpeg 1C2F4FEC-721D-41F6-8E64-92AF6A45ACA1.jpeg A860677B-0E63-4EA6-9661-71773DFFEC45.jpeg 29868338-3BFF-4ED1-B6D3-49B48BFF582A.jpeg 41ADCC62-FC26-4833-BC2D-E3AC081A3B4F.jpeg 0BE7FD60-CD98-437C-B5AB-4A7275CFEDF2.jpeg 1BF9704B-C7AE-4971-872F-588A3A122BAC.jpeg DD3E674A-EA9B-4DF1-A9C3-EC800D83684A.jpeg A61212DA-5181-4467-B57C-8C3827A2764C.jpeg CC1B4DA8-67F6-4E81-809B-B3D74FCAB6CA.jpeg B5D5B57C-567C-4086-A400-2D5554110A8A.jpeg 25F5D7CA-7940-4A97-992B-4D7C68337E9A.jpeg CD7E456C-E27A-4E9C-8689-56EC2C5AC835.jpeg D4ABFFFB-00E2-4440-877E-872446B53607.jpeg 6DE8D10A-3755-48BE-A658-134FFA6ACB31.jpeg 15D705B5-2D06-4B60-B925-FD4947861488.jpeg so, since the second hood I bought, which has been sitting around for about 5 years now since purchased, had the ‘65-‘65 super stock Hemi hoodscoop mounted, and very nicely,too, they had cut out a V shape between the factory braces, making it was Hot Tamale red though, lol.... I moved from upstate NY 3 yers ago, to North Texas, I separated the scoop from the hood for transport since we used a moving company.... here in Texas, I had a difficult time trying to find a place that could completely strip both hood and scoop, prepare, and paint it as close to the original low gloss black ( organisol) used on early mopars, and correctly , so, I decided to have the two pieces wrapped ... came out nice! even though it’s not permanent, quite sure it will last a long time being in the garage all the time.....I fabbed my own “faux hood pins” from a real set bought at Year One.... cut the pins at height, welded those to a large round washer, which sets under the chrome cap... looks real, except they dont actually come thru the hood, this allows me to change between hoods in less than ten minutes.... didn’t add the cables yet, they will continue under the front of the hood, then attached by screws underneath..... I love the looks of this hood, functional, and nothing looks better then satin black on custom orange, especially in a MOPAR ! Threw in some other pics, how it looked when I first bought it 30 years ago, how I cruised it around for many years, the second hood as purchased in hot tamale red, etc.... still haven’t install the Fitech mean street EFI system yet, hopefully in the next two months
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  1. 68Moparmaniac
    Badass ride, great job !!
  2. Hogie
    That looks nasty man, ALL business :canada:
    1. Hogie
      AND I love that color too
      Hogie, Jan 13, 2019
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    2. TheCoronetKid
      Thx, man.I lucked out when coming up with a color.wanted to change the look completely.that’s a custom mix my paint guy and I came up with.I later named it“burnt-orange-cinnamon”it has some nice color flakes in it, even the white spears on the side have flakes.the color combo picked for the Godsmack sun on the original hood.paint man wanted to do it in a combo of yellows.I wanted it to be subtle
      you can’t see it as you walk up.then it appears, then it changes as you walk around it so unique
      TheCoronetKid, Jan 14, 2019
  3. HD539
    Very nice!
    1. TheCoronetKid
      thx !
      TheCoronetKid, Jan 11, 2019
    2. 66383
      What was the cost to wrap hood and scoop?
      66383, Jan 17, 2019 at 12:35 PM
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    3. TheCoronetKid
      TheCoronetKid, Jan 17, 2019 at 7:31 PM
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  4. khryslerkid
    Very Nice, Love the Color :thumbsup:
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