New Guy 69 Super Bee

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  1. MoparDanMan
    Wow! Good job! This is obviously a labor of love. Can't wait to see you progress to completion. I'm doing the same thing with a Roadrunner, but it is not as bad as yours.
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  2. davek
    wow you are very talented most people would of parted out the car. Cant wait to see it finished :thumbsup:
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    1. BAFRAID
      Well, it was more rotted than I thought. Honestly this is the first car I’ve ever done metal work like this on. It was scary to start cutting stuff off but I quickly learned how to align panels.
      BAFRAID, Feb 13, 2020
    2. BAFRAID
      And it was worth it since it is complete and all numbers matching.
      BAFRAID, Feb 13, 2020
    Got the bug again and got a bunch done on the bee. Finall got the door pillars on and welded as well as the upper cowl. Some minor Patching to do now and lots of grinding
  4. Moparstyle
    Lookin good nice project :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  5. SuperBeeman
    How is this baby coming. Been a while since I have seen it. I am still not done , but getting closer.
  6. SuperBeeman
    Many hours and millions of dollars but you will enjoy the end product. I am getting close to the end with many little things left. Good luck and stick with it.
  7. dantheman
    Hey there Mr. B-what color are you gonna paint your bad baby when the time comes? My brother had a 69 500 a bazillion years ago in your color combo. He was they one that infected me with Dodge Disease (glad he did)
    So I've had the engine out and over at the engine shop for about a month and a half now. Originally it was supposed to take a couple weeks but of course there's your very common power outage at the shop due to someone stealing all of the breakers out of the breaker box and of course the holidays. So now I'm supposed to get the block and all the parts back sometime in mid December.
    Meanwhile I've sold my house I have to be moved out by next Tuesday and the entire front end of the super B is out as well as the transmission. I shopped around for cards or a body frame systems to move the super B however the cheapest I saw was over $500. I decided to spend $26 on stock and about $15 on 600 pound caster wheels and built these.
  9. wheatdog
    Lotsa work. Mine was kinda rough too but I've finished the cut and weld stuff. Now I'm going back with new stuff. Good luck and stay on it.

    1. BAFRAID
      Nice! I started with the engine and tranny. I've priced out body panels. I'm looking at about $2500 for those. Any advice on where to start?
      BAFRAID, Sep 16, 2016
    Making progress getting her stripped down. Just bought an engine hoist so I can start on that engine! Tranny is already done. Just need to get the torque converter over to the shop for rebuild.
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