Paint and body - summer 2018

About this Mopar:

Found a body shop owner who has his own personal shop at another location. He kindly let me prep my Coronet there. This allowed me to yank (a reinstall afterward) the engine and help prep the engine bay while his employee worked on the rest of the body. I did lots of work myself and saved a ton of money for great deal on a very nice paint job.

The only thing I know about the color is that it’s a modern Chrysler PBJ blue. I was originally going to go with 68 QQ1 blue, but the process of trying to match the old color turned out to be a little bit of a hassle, so I just went with a modern color that I liked.

Due to the rust and imperfections of the underside of the hood, I decided to use Raptor spray on bedliner. I took the rust and paint off with sandpaper and a wire wheel, then treated the metal with phosphoric acid, then hit it with acid etching primer before having the stuff sprayed on. I am very happy with how it came out.


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