Polara Dash Upgrade

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  • I am working on a 1964 Dodge Polara. There was not a tachometer except in the electronics for the FI controller which sits on the console. I wanted a tachometer but didn't want one mounted external so I replaced the clock delete with an in dash tach and then also wanted something to show me which gear I was in and so added that and an oil pressure readout where the other round gauges were. The stock Dodge gauges don't really tell you what kind of oil pressure you have so opted for something that gives more information, also wanted to eliminate the amp gauge which was replaced with the electronics volt gauge in the console but don't need to be monitoring that when you are getting with the program. I didn't like having to look down at the console to see the RPM's and not the road. The car has a 528 Ray Barton hemi so things start happening pretty quickly when you get on it, and I didn't like not having driver friendly indicators to operate the car.

    Enjoy and criticize if you like, but it is what works for me...... the led's are the gear indicators and the one below the tach is a shift indicator.

    finished_1.jpg finished_4.jpg

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  1. Tee Ell
    Looks great - you made it functional, clean and maintained a stock appearance - maybe that’s how it should have been made in the first place ! Congratulations!!
  2. Dan64
    That looks great . Hard to tell from the picture but is the whole dash piece chrome or shiny silver paint and if so who's paint. Again,nice job.
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    2. Dan64
      Did you have to do anything special to prep the piece before applying the black backer?. How is it holding up as far as scratching?.
      Dan64, Jan 22, 2020
    3. cvj3333
      no special treatment, just soaked it in cleaner and removed the original plating down to bare plastic. Then painted the black and get it as shinny as you can for the under-base.....the better it shines the better the top coat will look. Then apply the top coat in light coats and several of them. Seems to hold up pretty good. Actually seemed to shine better without the clear coat top layer, but I think that helps the durability.
      cvj3333, Feb 7, 2020
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    4. Dan64
      Are they new stickers for the mph fuel and oil gauges? If so where can they be purchased?.
      Dan64, Feb 7, 2020
  3. Sparky Anderson
    Good job, you made a 56 year old woman look 25 again !
  4. Jerry Hall
    I didn't know a gear indicator existed. Really cool.
  5. 70chall440
    Looks almost stock.
  6. 340challconvert
    cool and functional
  7. moparnation74
    Very nice work!...Looks fantastic...
  8. Riverdawg
    Great job! I like what you've done.
    1. Riverdawg
      I wish I could do something like that to my 65 Coronet’s dash.
      Riverdawg, Jan 5, 2020
  9. TBONE
    Looks great! Do you have a before pic?
    1. cvj3333
      I do have a before photo. I didn't do it to a working dash, I still have the one stock one that I will probably sell. I started with an older non-working dash.
      cvj3333, Jan 6, 2020
  10. VANDAN
    That looks like a Real Nice set-up, and Well Done ! It's nice that they are at "Eye Level", as you don't need to look down for the readings. As I get older, I'm looking to make my cars more Driver Friendly, instead of Factory Correct. Great Job !
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