Reworked My 65 Belvedere's, Hot Rod Garage.

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  • My 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II hot rod has a remodeled garage to spend the winter in. 3P3no526Qr6ok43dea8U2A.jpg pra2XcwTSMO1UGFOtCw6RQ.jpg WzIpPw35RuGoOHQBlwY6dw.jpg
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  1. blue69runner
    The car is the top's. Look's really good. Like the new nest you built for it. Got to have a good garage. :thumbsup:
  2. SSSN8KE
    Awesome garage!
  3. kb73rr
    Awesome looking garage. I am sure your Belvedere is happy there!
  4. BBodyC
  5. Rjbrogan
    Beautiful car and an awesome garage!!!!
  6. Sparky Anderson
    I have to agree, a beautiful car and garage.
  7. moparnation74
    Beautiful early B! and one sweet garage!
  8. hemi*guy
    Love the car and the garage!
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