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Been driving the car this year and went to a few cruise ins and wanted to report that the fuel pickup seems to be fairly accurate.
I haven't run out of gas, so I had about 3/4 tank of gas and went to a friends for a cruise in and had to park with the rear of my car pointed down about a 10 degree slope and a very small amount of gas leaked from the filler tube.
That told me that the gauge must be pretty darn close!
Aside from that there have been some very small adjustments
to things such as 8% leaning out of the carb and idle adjustment.
Over all very happy with the car.
Well after going thru 2 transmissions and finally getting 1 that doesn't leak fluid like a fire hose, I have driven the car some and have decided to replace the power steering box with a rebuilt unit.
The car drives OK, but I think I might like a little more modern feel.
Also, the cylinder heads are studded and the flange on the exhaust headers is contacting a couple studs and creating an exhaust leak, so that will be addressed as well.
On another note, I also had to replace the rear axle bearings after an initial test drive, so now I think I have most of the bugs worked out and am looking forward to actually driving the car next year!
Only a very few nice days left this year, so I'll get things repaired this winter.
Thanks for looking
Eric Pearson
Eric Pearson
Awesome car you have done an incredible.
Yes, Ruff cut always a few things we have to attend too. Glad you're having fun with the car.


Incredible. Guys like you to take basically a parts car and save it! 15 years ago this car would've given up its giblets to another. Dedication is what you got brother. Rock on :thumbsup:
another road runner brought back to life.love it. keep up the good work. car looks sweet
Working on dash repair/repaint. Wiring harness repaired and getting new instrument bezel soon! Slowly but surely! Ruffcut

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