SIX PACK/ 6 bbl Lair

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  • My first car is a 69.5 A12 Q5 Bee coupe that I purchased new on 9/04/69 after getting out of the Army. I joined in 1966, went to Vietnam in 67-68 and when I got out in August 1,1966 I started looking for a fast car for a Birthday present to myself.
    My second car is a rust free Superbird that I purchased in 1986 for $6,000.00 It was a running, driving car.
    My third car is a 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 which was originally a 6 banger and now has a mild 440. IMG_20160506_133709317.jpg IMG_20160505_150927680_HDR.jpg IMG_20170328_171021282_HDR.jpg

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  1. Tinker67
    Thanks for your service.. Nice looking rides, Coronet is my favorite , just partial to square bodies. Obvious reason:rofl:
  2. 70_RoadRunner
    Thank you for your service! Awesome cars...
  3. 2quick
    Love the Coronet! The other two are nice also but I had a thing for 66-67 B's
  4. Sparky Anderson
    Nice rides, and also thankyou for your service.
  5. BBodyC
    Salvador dahli---persistence of memory...nice cars and thanks for your service.
  6. 66ChargerHI-PO
    First of all, thank you very much for your service sir. :usflag:. Second, do you have a better picture of your A12? Look like nice cars.
      68Moparmaniac likes this.
  7. Riverdawg
    Awesome cars. Thanks for your service!
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