Steve's 1969 Roadrunner

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  • Mopar , Coca-Cola theme and related colors. Neon lights with old school and vintage pieces throughout. Hand made Coca-Cola bar and automobilia display case. Also a working, restored 1911 wood wall phone converted to touch tone button dial, family owned gas station pump globe, coke machine and many other vintage items from my grandfathers Standard Oil gas station which he took over in 1915. We take pride in doing most of our own work. Have had other Roadrunners, 2 1970's, 1 1968, and this 1969 shown here, many other Mopars, and other classics. I got my start at my grandfathers Standard Oil gas station and machine shop in Landa, N. Dakota as shown in two pictures here, 1964 & 1996. A fuel tank explosion and fire took out the machine shop behind the gas station in 1978. Gas station still stands today and I am told it is slated for Historical Monument status.

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  1. 68Moparmaniac
    Sweet rides bro. Nice place to kick back and drain a couple of ronas… :thumbsup:
    1. S&S BIRD
      A likely activity....thanks!
      S&S BIRD, Jan 21, 2019 at 12:34 PM
  2. Rob R
    Way Cool..!!:thumbsup:
  3. FC7 Dart
    Everything about this post rocks! Love the history behind it. What is the tire/rim combo on the orange bird? That is the look I want on my Satellite eventually~
    1. S&S BIRD
      Thanks! After 23 years of owning this RR and had many tire/wheel combos, I think I got it this time. On the rear I have 15X10 Rally 500's w/N50-15 Pro-Trac 50's, and on the front 15X7 Rally 500's w/G70-15 Firestones, red lines turned inside. All 4ply belted tires, non radials. Period correct for the early 70's. A flat tread across the tire. Keep on top of the Satellite !!!
      S&S BIRD, Dec 31, 2018
      FC7 Dart likes this.
  4. Sprad
    Really nice RR! I love the man cave!!
  5. Wojo68
    That is absolutely bad ass. Very nice
  6. Bigtime
    Super car and garage!
    My name is Steve and I sold my "trailer queen" '69 RR in June!
  7. Don Frelier
  8. S&S BIRD
    Thanks to all for the kind words. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year !
  9. Ron Jacobs
    Beautious!!! Merry Christmas
  10. 66383
    Perfection at it's finest!:luvplace: