The Kuda

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  • building a 68 Cuda Notchback
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  1. 62440
    I love that body style. I had one but traded it for my 62 Savoy, but that's a different story.
  2. Rob R
    Wow...lots of hours put in on this one...:thumbsup:
  3. micmoe
    Oooh Wee! Thats gonna be bitchin. keep up the good work
  4. Bigtime
    Love the color with the hood! I am a big Notchback fan!
  5. Beekeeper
    The color is great may I ask what it is?
  6. 66383
  7. 1972GY8SE
    Nice Notchback.
  8. HD539
    I like it! Keep posting as you go.
  9. davek
    that will look sweet when your done :thumbsup:
  10. Don Frelier
    Wow that is impressive!