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  • My Dad bought this car for $500 when he returned from duty in Vietnam in 1971. I drove this car in HS and HATED it! Hahaha.. now I’ve shipped the car from Virginia to Idaho about 9 years ago and doing a semi-restoration. It sat in the garage for 32 years and the clock reads 85k original...doing the interior myself. It’s an all original 318 car with LOTS of sentimental value..

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  1. 68Moparmaniac
    What can ya say.. 68 Chargers are the ones to have! Great job :thumbsup:
  2. 62440
    Nice car and Great Memories
  3. Rob R
    Very Nice !!:thumbsup:
  4. 62440
    It's a "Keeper" Very Nice
  5. davek
    love your Charger,what rims are those?
    1. Jeff Mauzy
      Thanks! Wheels are “Retro Wheel Designs” I got them as a wheel/tire package out of California
      Jeff Mauzy, Dec 23, 2018
      davek likes this.
  6. Steven D.
    Jeff, you have a very nice charger and your Dad bought for $500 in 71 the year i graduated. I was making $1.60 a hr back then I couldn"t afford to pay attention. NICE CAR
    1. Jeff Mauzy
      Thank you..I understand! People don’t realize what it was like back then...!
      Jeff Mauzy, Dec 23, 2018
  7. RedCoronet69
    Beautiful Charger!!
    1. Jeff Mauzy
      Thank you! Lots of work to be done..
      Jeff Mauzy, Dec 23, 2018
  8. SDCoronet
    Very nice. What color is that?
    1. Jeff Mauzy
      I believe it’s current B5 blue.. I’ll know more when I have an aerosol touch up can made..
      Jeff Mauzy, Dec 20, 2018
  9. FrnkNsteen
    Looks good! I look forward to mine being that far along soon. Paint just got put on last week on mine.
    1. Jeff Mauzy
      It’s always a long haul but worth every minute of the wait!!!
      Jeff Mauzy, Dec 20, 2018
      Ron Jacobs likes this.
  10. Hey-O
    Welcome from the show me state, well done!!
    1. Jeff Mauzy
      Thanks for looking! This is my first forum..still learning how to work it
      Jeff Mauzy, Dec 20, 2018
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