SOLD ‘70 Coronet 500 Trunk Trim Plate

Exterior Parts

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    This plate will need some tweaking. It is $65 plus the shipping and located in Illinois.

    26D05B0A-B67A-45FD-98D8-E29C895F78C1.jpeg 52C03CE1-33FC-4F68-929E-E14D18F1BDC7.jpeg 5810366E-4361-43A8-8E45-484D340BB5B7.jpeg 720E214D-BCA9-4858-BD9B-1CEC205DAD8F.jpeg D865554E-D2F7-4B95-9E8E-952DA047EB25.jpeg EF525755-2236-46D8-B1D6-41A7369A181E.jpeg 849AE6FC-8DB5-4756-A12C-F07F555D36DB.jpeg 58697FA7-44D4-4728-AF96-27E604315B5F.jpeg 62C91639-2225-40E6-88F6-D2B4CE07F5BB.jpeg
Thread Status:
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