FOR SALE ‘70 Gtx, RR, Rear Bumper

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    Jun 30, 2017
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    This straight bumper I believe is for the rear. It has mostly good chrome but photos show the rust around the 2 light holes and the license plate area. It is $125 plus the shipping and located in Illinois. Please Pm me with your questions or comments.

    E095B8E0-3BF0-44B5-A533-34D94D3FF729.jpeg 5925D8C4-A487-4794-A64A-E897EFD11A2C.jpeg 583CD07B-C81A-4198-96B5-06D2E0842FD7.jpeg BBB84E00-7311-464A-B115-A870594F55FF.jpeg DAC2FE35-6387-452E-8045-B7C738DB3B02.jpeg A1C740BF-257A-477F-8E7A-D7EBEB539BD3.jpeg 121AC5D4-3B4D-4842-ADDF-1B4AA21652F4.jpeg 532E3A88-1899-41AD-BE10-E085C529D32C.jpeg 09DF7A66-4EAF-476F-940A-A9B1369D74E5.jpeg 25C157A2-BC82-43EE-A1F6-EC481AEC8427.jpeg
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