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1/4 Glass to Window Frame Adhesive?


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Mar 20, 2011
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One of my rear 1/4 convt. windows popped out of the window frame (glass didn't break thank God!). It looks like the rear 1/4 glass and it's frame are supposed to be 1-piece, but the glass has come loose. It's loose from the frame below (1/4" deep channel) and from the leading edge chrome trim (also 1/4" deep channel).

What is a good adhesive to glue the rear 1/4 window back into it's frame?

Thanks Everyone!
The right way is with 'glass tape' which is available from Restoration Specialties. It is a super thin rubber strip that you lay in the cleaned channel. You then force the glass into the channel, slice off any tape that shows with a razor knife and the tape holds the glass in, just like the factory did. Pretty easy to do.
I've got some extra of that stuff depending on the thickness you need and length. Let me know what size you need.
PurpleBeeper: Clean the channel, and then measure the inside width. Deduct the glass thickness from this. Divide that in 2 and that's the thickness of tape you need. Example: Channel is 3/8" wide. Glass is 1/4" thick. 3/8" minus 1/4" = 1/8". Divide by 2 to get 1/16". That's the tape you need.