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$10,000 Reward for 70 RR


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Jan 13, 2017
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Southern Utah
I know it sounds strange and it's a million to one shot but I can afford it so what the hell, I'm offering $10K to anyone that can locate my original 1970 Road Runner. The conditions are that the car still exists and can be physically located and positively identified. If the car is found but the current owner doesn't want to sell it to me for any reason it doesn't matter, I'll still pay the finder the $10K as long as I can positivity ID that it is my original car.
Orig RR Rear View.JPG

RM21N0E132917 Lime Green Metallic 383 four speed. Purchased new (by me) in June of 1970 from Chrysler Plymouth dealership out on West Glendale Ave in Phx. I don't think that dealership still exists. Last seen in 1973 when it was traded in to Don Sanderson Ford in Glendale, AZ. Just so everyone knows, I've already searched for this car and was not able to find anything. Like I say, it's a long shot but if it does exist somewhere there's $10K on the table waiting for anyone that can find it. I'll post a couple more pics.........
One thing I did not do is contact all the Mopar Clubs around the country to see if maybe it belongs to some Mopar Club member somewhere. It was a rust free Az car.
Even if no one can find this car I hope you guys at least enjoy these original photos of a brand new 70 Road Runner. PS, I paid $2699.00 for this car brand new. They were on sale in mid to late 1970 because the muscle car market was already starting to decline. The dealership had a dozen or more of them sitting in the back lot and was trying to clear them all out as they were trying to make room for the new models.
It almost seems unreal to me now when I thing back to that time.........
Wow! What an offer! Sure wish I knew where it was so I could dump the cash into my car.... Best of luck on your search
Best of luck, I'll keep my eye out for you. Maybe if it is still in AZ it will be at the H.E.M.I. show March 9th in Phoenix. I thought there was a very similar one last year.
Great offer! You must really have some angst for your old pal. Hope you or me finds it. Good luck! PS: I’m out looking as we speak. Could easily be in sunny CA.
All the best. Good luck. Will keep an eye out at events out here.
What did you get when traded in 73? Is there anything exclusive to this car that may still remain for purposes of ID? Mar on the dash, scuff underside hood, something goofy that may still remain. I think I could find mine due to a detectable kink in roof drip molding unless replaced.
To answer a couple questions above, the VIN is correct and complete. Back in 1970 that's as long as they were. Newer cars, I think from sometime in the 80's on went to a longer 17 digit VIN #. Unfortunately all the current 'VIN search' sites only use the newer longer VIN #'s.
Regarding the uniqueness of that particular car, the passenger side rear quarter panel got a baseball size dent in it (from kids play catch next to my car, grrrrr). It was about in the middle near the top. My step dad, who was a body repair guy, fixed it but the paint never quite matched. It should be easy to tell, even today by looking in the trunk.
All of the other mods I did to the car I'm sure would have been long gone by now if the car still existed. Unless of course it's sitting in someone's old storage shed out back ;)
Probably more likely to run across the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine than that car.
But it never hurts to try.