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14 magnum wheel tire max


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3:54 PM
Feb 20, 2023
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I have a 68 coronet 500 with 14 inch magnum wheels. What is the biggest tire I can get on the factory rims without clearance issues ?
The biggest, I don't know. I'm running 275 60R 15's on the back of my 68 R/T. They are on 15X7 wheels.
Max I would go is a 225-70-14

Ive had 245 60s on a 14 inch rim, but its ballooned out on the sides pretty good
I've got 245/60's on my 14" Magnums and they look fine, but I don't think you could go much wider. A tire shop might be able to advise. Depends on wheel width obviously, don't know how wide mine are, maybe 6"?
14" tires have gotten more difficult to find and more limited in available sizes in recent years. You may see what's out there first and choose from the choices you have.
I've run 14s on most of my GTXs, with both stock, and wider rims. I had 14x7's on the third one, ran Eagle ST 245-60s, which were still on the car the last time it was on the market, 30 years later. No clearance problems with the tire. On a 14x7 wheel, I had a problem with wheel weights hitting the lower control arm, replaced them with thinner pieces to get clearance. No problem with a 14x6, which I am putting on my current car when the weather breaks, along with bias ply G-70 red lines. Baby Blue pictured circa 1990, and thirty years later. Older pic she had 14x6s with G70-14s. Later one with 14x7s, Coker Firestone GR70 red line radials. Car was running G70-14s on stock 14x5.5 rims when I bought her the first time in 1983. They were a bit wide for the rim width.
BB 1991 (2).jpg
When my current GTX was still an untitled Dealer Demonstrator, it ran four different sets of tires, all on stock 14x5.5 chrome magnums. It started out with F70 Goodyear Speedway Wide Treads, then G70 red lines, later 855-14 Goodyear power cushion bias ply white walls (my least favorite, and shown in the picture from 1971,) and finally, HR78 white line radials, in 1972. I liked the red lines the best, and that's what the car will wear on my watch.
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