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WTB 15x10 Cragar Super Tricks

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Looking for a matched set of Cragar super tricks in 15x10 size, prefer 4-1/2" to 5" rear spacing, 4-1/2. 4-3/4 or 5 bolt pattern. Must be very nice SATIN finished (no polished units) condition and not over-priced! If you have something of interest, please PM me here. thanks...

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Craigslist is where I got a set cheap. See them on FB market place regular too. Best is when the lister doesn't know squat. Ford rim may have 4.5 lug spacing . Offset is a easy tape check just know how to tell someone how to measure it.
I deal with a lot of Cragar Super Tricks. I buy them all, mix and match the halves, and refinish them. Currently I do not have any in the size you are looking for, but you probably wouldn't want to pay what I get for a set either. However I will offer two very important tips when dealing with them. Shinny polished ones can be made to look like the original satin finish by using a Red Scotch Brite pad. The second important tip is not to buy wheels that have the stem on the outer edge. It's much easier to get tires to seat on the rim when the valve stems are further in board. Another thing to watch for on Super Tricks is rarely are a pair the exact same width and offset. This can be a real problem on close wheel well clearances.

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I found you some 10" wheels. I contacted the seller and he doesn't want to split the set, but they are reasonably priced. They are 5-1/2" backspacing which is no problem to me. Just flip the bolts around, weld up the valve stem holes, and use a uni-bit to drill new valve stem holes in the the other rim half inboard like I mentioned earlier. I've done several sets this way. Even my super nice set I built for my Duster.

Cragar Super trick wheels 15x10 Rear 15x4 Front.


Here's the ones I did for my Duster.


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