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    For Sale : 1963 Dodge Coronet 440. This is a sweet car! 318 Poly engine, push button transmission. I picked this car up yesterday and took it to the car wash and it cleaned up very well. Very little rust. I was told this car just needed brakes and tires to drive, the engine runs, I have not tried to put it in gear yet. I bought it from an older gentleman who was trying to sell off some of the cars he collected over the years and I thought this one was in too good of shape to let it continue sitting around. The interior is all there but shows some wear and tear. It could be cleaned up good enough for driver quality. I’m asking $7000 obo. Don’t be afraid to make an offer. I would prefer not to ship but I may be open to it. Just depends.

    7E30E1F8-8B64-43B2-82A7-E95F0A7E2C4F.jpeg 1F1DB7F6-9A47-4D21-B4E4-498C21EE0351.jpeg FA2E549B-DD3B-4017-BCFD-6DA94BD8E5A6.jpeg BE55D696-C479-427A-8338-16E961ED339D.jpeg 8FE06738-ADD5-4F88-8CF1-5422E30272BC.jpeg BF2E643F-06F8-43AC-9B5B-23CDDD2AEB7E.jpeg
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