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1964 Belvedere poly 318 to 440 swap...help!


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Mar 11, 2014
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Hey, I'm searching for a 440 and trans for to put in my 64 Belvedere and I'm coming upon truck/motorhome engines and transmissions. What works and what doesn't, and whats Ideal? Is the k-member an issue? My car is push-button/cable shift, so is there a compatibility conflict with column shift transmissions? Thanks in advance!
Welcome Russ. You might want to post this question in the engine section.
russty6, if you search the old threads you should find information that will help you. Also check out engine-swaps.com
Push button trans is different than column shift types.... The linkage is not the same and the early push button cars would have a ball / trunion type.
Why not keep the poly and tweak it a bit? I was going to swap for a 440 and I had two of them. However I started to look into the poly and found it to be pretty interesting. It garners much more attention at cruise night as it's actually 1.5" wider than a 440 at the valve covers. People look in there and wonder what is that big engine?

Parts are available and a new "wind tunnel" manifold is currently under production and scheduled to be ready in a few weeks. Aluminum heads may be coming next and cast, ribbed valve covers are also being produced now. Cams are readily available. The bottom end has a forged crank and the block components from an LA small block are usable with the A engine as are the distributors.

Unless you are wanting to be extremely "bad" and all out race the poly is a great choice. You'll be surprised at just how much crowd appeal it draws.

The "semi-hemi" valve design makes it the second most efficient head design also. I was running mine up to 7500rpm's and was real close to the Challenger SRT8 at the 1/8th mile. It was fun with a '64 Dodge Polara 4dr!

Just a thought for you. Check out the site at [email protected] with about 700 guys involved in the poly.


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Hi russty6, welcome to the forum! Good luck with your mods - the modified Poly option might not be a bad idea either.
If your car is an original V/8 the K-frame and rear x member will work! You will need the early big block motor mount brackets and insulators! Along with either a 64 or 65 B-Block tranny, The 64 is a ball and trunion drive shaft, the 65 is a slip yoke! You can use your existing shift cables! Hope this helps.
Hey, thanks a lot. That poly looks awesome! I've been going back and forth about swapping or not. I like the idea of keeping the car all #s matching original but I'm also drawn to having a "Mean Machine" that means business! I once had a car that looked and sounded the part, but wouldn't burst a grape in a food fight!