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1964 Door Locks - Are They Available?


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Apr 29, 2014
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I'd really like to get repo door locks and an ignition lock for my 1964 Sport Fury. I know that rekeying is not too difficult, but I'd like new locks. They offer complete new sets for 1966 and up, but nobody mentions 1964 door locks. I think the ignition lock is more versatile going across several years (1960 - 1968). Will a 1966 door lock definitely NOT fit a 1964? Could it be modified to fit without too much trouble?
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QuickBpBp recommended a site on eBay where the guy wanted $209. Actually I did see that ad and bought a NOS set for about $10 less than that -- so I was willing to pay the bucks. However, the locks arrived today, the outer diameter is too large (I think) compared to my 64. I'll have to go measure tomorrow.
You can try Joe Suchy for early B parts. The early cars, the bezzle is larger than the 67-up cars.
They also have a tapered look.
The later locks are to large for the opening. To use them would require resizing the opening but the bezel will not cover the original slot. If possible rekey the original and buff the stainless
I found this youtube video that walks you through pin-style door locks. I too have a 65 Satellite that no key fit my locks and as posted it is really difficult to find a reasonably priced keyed locks.

If you have the patience to reinstall the pins/springs in the different holes you can make it work....for me though I'm doing what he suggested as an alternative....take all the pins and springs out. A key will work to lock and unlock the doors....most likely any MOPAR key. May not be the perfect solution for everyone but it works for me.