FOR SALE 1965 Fully Rebuilt NEVER fired 273-2 barrel motor $1750


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Sep 25, 2022
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keene nh
This motor has been fully rebuilt from top to bottom and never fired.. New everything. Even has new Mechanical rocker assemblys, bronze guides and all valves.Was also fully balanced. Was rebuilt in 2000 by HESS MACHINE and Balancing of Fitchburg Mass.Hess machine had a reputation for building some very powerful engines in the day and did top of the line work and they were not cheap! Even has all new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, coil, water pump, air filter element. I have the original receipt from HESS for the cost of the rebuild in 2000 totaling $4300+.The motor turns over by hand or breaker bar and has compression. Since 2000 the motor has sat on a stand inside a repair shops showroom. The owner recently sold the business and removed the engine. It has NEVER been outside or under an open space covered up. Carburetor was even rebuilt and has a correct air cleaner.........................................It is fully detailed and looks beautiful as the pictures show. I will not ship it, crate it ,or deliver it to you or any shipping service. A deposit will need to be sent to me being a US POSTAL money order only, and once arriving pay remainder in cash, or You can pay in full in cash.NO PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will load it in your truck once you pay for it.. Once we have emailed off this site, you will be given my phone # and you will call me or we wont be doing business. I`m not texting back and forth. Played that game already with one tire kicker on this engine. I`m not doing it again. I do not think you will find a better deal out there anywhere at this price.$1750! Are you looking for a nice 273 for a 64-68 A/B body project? Do you think you can fully rebuild your engine this well and this cheap? Do you think you will find a deal this good ever again? Thats for you to decide. Keene NH.Again NO PAYPAL!!!





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