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1966-1967 Belvedere GTX Satellite Dash Knob Inserts


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5:31 PM
Jul 16, 2016
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Anyone ever seen or used these and can attest to the quality? I saw them on Ebay a while back and looked up the maker which is Harms. Set sells for $59

Nice to hear they've come down.

Last year they were $79, which IMO was a lot of green for 4 square inches of foil.
Anyone have contact info for Harms or outlet for these 67 gtx knob inserts
Harms has a website. I bought a set. Very nice but thought the smaller round one looked like it was punched out using a paper punch. It was rough and out of round just a tad. Once installed you would not detect it unless you knew. That was only my experience but the larger ones were top notch!

scroll down...$49 shipped
Harms is a reputable company. Been around the Mopar game for quite a while. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them.
I just bought a set from restorick and they look really nice - very bright and just like originals. Rather than prying the old ones off I just put a dab of strip caulk on the back and stuck them over the originals. I couldn't tell it from comparison to one of the originals.