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1966 DODGE CHARGER Altered Wheelbase Build = AWB


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Nov 8, 2021
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Good Morning:

Please provide a maker of a good set of 1966 Charger based TRIM Remove and Install tools
and or reading material.

Your thoughts of a 1966 Charger BODY off and BODY on CHASSIS are? After lots of pondering I believe it would be best to fabricate a "TRANSFERABLE" to other "B" Mopars roll caged out CHASSIS of which would follow the arcs/shapes of the factory original REAR frame rails in lieu of splicing factory 1966 Charger UNI-BODY items to off the shelf 2" X 3" rectangular tubing. Please comment

The model year 1966 Charger provides lots of Real Estate. I am considering a INSIDE the cab and LOWERED to the asphalt 426 Street Hemi. Similar positioned to a Dodge Van/Motorhome with centralized Dog House with operational non modified 1966 Charger Dash.

The Old Bull is inside my Garage. Very possible first time staged indoors after more 4 or 5 decades.

Thank you again for the use of this site.

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Good morning and Welcome from Illinois. This gives true meaning to the phrase "you've got your work CUT OUT for you". You came to the right place. I'm sure you will find a lot of very helpful people here, 66 Charger fans and others. Best wishes and Happy Holidays!
Welcome from Alabama, there were some altered wheelbase Chargers in the day. The best to you in bringing your quest to completion.
No question there’s some work to be had, but once it’s done you’ll have a solid beautiful vehicle.
I will be watching for the answer to #1 myself.

#2: I would say: Do both. With a lot of power, too much rigidity is better than not enough.

#3: There is a member who raced B Body Altereds in the day. He posts photos now and then, very interesting to me. If he's willing, you could learn a lot from him about things like engine placement.
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Look up 1965 AFX Coronet , my pages might help you out a little , it's in Members Projects and Restorations . John
Considering the ideas you have been floating, #2 sounds like the best plan to me. Lose the entire floor, build a chassis and tin it in.
Welcome from CT. Good luck taking on that project. My vote is for an after chassis and mated to the body. Faster easier and better. To fix floors and move wheel wells and doing a cage extra work. MO. Wallet and your skill level will mean a lot. Like sausage may not be pretty process but as long as it tastes good that's what matters.:thumbsup:
I'd brace that body up quite a bit before you cut anything. It's probably moved already.
welcome to FBBO

maybe post some of the questions in the Racers Hangout
or the Resto-Mod & Pro-Touring forum sections here

this is just the welcome wagon not as many views

good luck

seems I saw a post 'just like this', here before too, just recently

66 Charger AWB.jpg

67 Charger FC AWB AFX Mr. Norm's sales advert. #1.jpg

67 Charger FC AWB AFX Mr. Norm's Super Charger #2.jpg

67 Charger FC Stardust Don Schumacher.jpg
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