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1967 Charger Switching Alternator and Voltage Regulator


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Oct 14, 2021
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While I've seen lots of drawings and read lots of discussions I haven't seen any pictures or a very detailed step by step with pictures explanation which is what this old man needs. My alternator was replaced with a Powermaster 7519 before I got the car. From what I can tell it is referred to as a 2 field alternator as opposed to the original 1 field and 1 ground. However, none of the wiring was changed. The new alternator was wired like the old. I'm assuming that's why my battery continues to drain as the voltage remains the same before start and after start. Then as it sits it gets lower. So from what I read it seems I should update my voltage regulator to an electronic version and "splice one of the alternator field wires to one of the wires attached to the new voltage regulator". This is the article I'm referring to:

Voltage Regulator upgrade?

So I purchased this voltage regulator:

CHRYSLER DODGE PLYMOUTH Voltage Regulator 12v Alternator Electronic | eBay

I think I'm supposed to replace the 2nd field blue wire currently connected to ground with a longer blue wire and splice into one of the 2 black/white wires on the ignition side of the new voltage regulator. Of course I'm not sure and this is where I need help. I need to know "exactly" what wire needs to be spliced into what wire, what gauge the wire should be, where do I put the inline fuse (suggested for safety measures), etc. The sketches don't help and most of the explanations fall short for me. Sorry. Just not getting it. BTW, I have removed my cluster and bypassed my ammeter in case you're wondering. Here is my current voltage regulator and alternator and my new voltage regulator. Thanks in advance for not beating me up on this.