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1967 Hemi GTX-VIN:RS23J71197579


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Feb 24, 2014
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Pittsfield ,MA
Hey all! Haven't posted in a while so felt like reaching out tonight. Here goes…

I still searching for my father’s 1967 Plymouth GTX. It was a true J code Hemi/4 speed car. It was blue(believe it to be 881 Bright Blue Metallic) with a blue interior. It had a 3.55 Dana rear. It had no stripes. No vinyl top. No fender mounted turn signals. It did have a driver side chrome mirror but no passenger side. It had Magnums and Redlines.

The car was ordered new in January (I believe) of 1967. I was first registered on March 23,1967. That helps narrow the build window down to just a couple of months at least. It was ordered new from Brewer Brothers Plymouth in North Adams,MA. It was traded in at Windsor Motors, also in North Adams, in May of 1970. Both dealerships are long closed and it’s very hard to find anyone who worked there at the time.

I have reason to believe that it could’ve made its way to Pittsfield,MA later in 1970, only a 15-20 mile south. Also, the rumor is is that the Hemi was blown up by a salesman who took the car for a ride so I’m not sure that the original Hemi is still in the car. It could’ve been swapped for something else. We’re not sure of how bad the damage was to the motor.

My father had swapped out the factory Inland shifter for a Hurst unit with a T-handle. That’s the only modification he had done to the car. He recalls the car being in good shape when trading it with maybe 30-35,000 miles on it. He can’t be sure tho.

After trading it in, he never saw the car again. I’ve spoken to numerous of his buddies from back in the day and they never saw it again either. The thing just became a ghost. Now, yes, anything could’ve happened to it but I have a feeling that it’s still around and tucked away somewhere. I also believe that it’s still here somewhat local. I could be totally wrong but I have gut feeling. I’d love to find this car for my father. He’s 82 now and it’s been 54 years since he last saw what he calls his best car he’s ever owned. I’ve heard stories my whole life of this car and is probably one of the reasons that I’m a Mopar guy myself.

I’ve reached out to some of the biggest names in the Mopar game, including Galen Govier himself, and Frank Badalson, and no one has this car in their files. No one. Recently I was lucky enough to get someone at the MA RMV to find me the VIN for the car. It is as follows:RS23J71197579.

If anyone has seen this car or perhaps knows where it is, please reach out to me either here or my cell phone and email are below. I’ve included a copy of a flyer that I’ve made that I’ve been handing out at local shows. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
That’s what I thought but wasn’t 100%. 1967 would’ve started off with a 1 for January and so on , correct?
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