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1968 Charger Grill Emblem Install


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Jul 29, 2015
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Cincinnati, OH
1968 Charger, the R/T grill badge lost its nuts and came off. Luckily I found the emblem sitting between the bumper and the grill assembly, so that's nice. I read a couple threads about reinstalling it, having to at least partially disassemble the headlight door to get it back in. I removed the round bar, and popped the headlight door off its hinges, but can't get enough space for my big mitts to reinstall the nuts.

Next step would be to remove the headlight surround and headlights to hopefully get enough room, but I'm wondering if anyone has just epoxied it in there? It was pretty snug when I installed it the first time, and these stamped nuts don't inspire confidence, so wondering if it's not worth the hassle of taking everything apart just to potentially have to do it again if it rattles loose again.

They make some flexible epoxies that seem like they would allow for a bit of movement. Not sure that would be totally necessary, but seems like a reasonable solution?

Any obvious reasons not to do it?
I am pretty sure with the headlamps removed you can sneak your hand in and tighten the nuts.
Since day 1 my R/T emblem had a slight sloppiness on the door. A couple years ago I bought new emblems only to find out that it was only ever held on with 1 self tapping nut. The other post never had a nut installed from new. I guess it needed to be rushed out the door that day. The new emblem came with one way push nuts. I was fortunately able to install it using a flexible mirror without disassembling anything but the headlights and bezels.