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FOR SALE 1968 coronet 440 sedan

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Any chance you have the passenger side male end seat belt with retractor? Needs to be this style (my drivers side version)

The retractors look nothing like the one in the picture. And ive got them in my driver until i can find my black ones. Thanks for asking
Parting out very solid car Im keeping hood, deck lid, tail panel, ac-heater box, dash harness, rear bumper, fenders, floors.
Would trade blue interior seats, seat belts, arm rests for black pieces that would fit a hardtop.
Selling most everything else trim, frame rails, torsion support, doors, glass, 26 inch radiator support, fender aprons, K-frame, 8-3/4 housing, lots of other good stuff.
Id like to price all this stuff butt its hard to gauge. Tell me what a fair price is and well make a deal. Not looking to make a fortune just recoupe a little money and not scrap good parts. Be patient guys i can only work on it on weekends and ship the following weekend. Car is in NE Oklahoma

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I am interested in the front window stops, are they still available
Do you have the hook for the bumper jack?
If they are attached to the door? Im sure they are. Still have complete doors.
Sorry been super busy with holiday and last weekend the wifes car got stolen. Ill get those parts soon as I can.
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