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    Spring has sprung and fall has fell so now it's time to work on the Mopars like hell.

    Dare I say typical rust?????????
    318/727 I bought it from a guy who inhareted his grandfathers 68 Coronet 4 door.
    He bought it in 1994 running and driving and only wanted parts off of it. Fender mounted turn signals, hub caps, spare tire, jack,owners manual etc and some side trim.
    Front floors were patched and the rears are in need of patches.

    6 passenger, with power tail gate window that works, two way tail gate.
    Spare tire area is really good, frame is fine also.
    Engine turns over nicely and the trans lever shifts through all the gears and holds in park.
    I did not have the car running (has bad gas).
    Head liner is all there but sagging at the rear, dash has issues as do the seats but nearly everything is there. Has front and rear seat belts. I'll double check but when I stepped on the brake pedal it was good. I did put in a new battery and when I stepped on the brake the alt discharged and when I turned on the light it discharged more, so the lights are working.
    Period Craigers are just rollers on the back they are 14X10, I put them on because the car had two tires that would not hold air. They are 14" steel and can go with the car.
    This is the only picture I took so far, should be enough to get you interested, more upon request from potential buyer please.
    Clear Pa. title in my name.
    Did I mention Patina? Looks to be the original paint. Fender tag is there and good.

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