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1968 GTX Steering wheel restoration advice?


FBBO Gold Member
FBBO Gold Member
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5:44 AM
Aug 5, 2011
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Lisle, Illinois
Hi Guys, I have a steering wheel from my 68 GTX that I want to make look like new. No laughs or applause, Please!
It has been kept indoors out of the sunlight since way back when. Has no cracks or gaps. I have wet-sanded it with
600 wet and thought I could buff it out with some polishing compound, but it's too Gummy. Read a few posts where
people shoot clear over the surface, but because the plastic is not rock-hard, I don't want to do that. Does anyone
know what the best way to get this thing looking great again? Thanks!
Just my 2 cents. If it was me I think I might try a heat gun, on another old wheel first. I'd try to get the surface hot enough to flow, without heating too deeply. Most likely a very fine line between the desired effect and trashing the part. Since those parts are injection molded and they are really pliable/soft material, heat may be the only way to get back to that smooth shiny surface? I hope you find a process, I'd be very interested in learning it.