FOR SALE 1968 Plymouth Satellites 4 doors

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    I have a pair.. 1 is a parts car, due to prior owner cutting out the dash, and a case of trunk rot.. Body is in great shape except dented drivers door (boat was on a rack next to it, and fell over into the door.) Other I started restoring. Motor is pulled and in my garage. I started putting the black interior from the parts car into it, but stopped when I started on my next project came along that I was far more interested in (1978 Monaco cop car clone).. then i got a rust free 1974 Coronet Roller (Also for sale), then a 1977 Monaco (Also rust free, but sold last year.), then a 1970 Charger that I restored, drove ti the "new motor took a dump (Also sold already. sorry) Hoping to pick up a 175 Road Runner tomorrow.. so wanting to get rid of old projects that need someone too love them I will sell or trade them trades preferred. 1974 or 73 Satellite 2 doors, 75-78 Monaco, Coronet, fury or Road Runners. running and hopefully fairly clean. 4 doors are more then welcomed... if you have a Mustang II or 73-78 Ford truck I like those too. $2000 obo for the satellites, $1200 fr the Coronet (Comes with a 78 Monaco header panel and rear bumper.. and 1975 fenders and hood, as I thought it would be an easy conversion.. I was wrong. <lol> ) I will try to post pics when I get back home
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