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    This is a bonified movie car. It’s biggest claim to movie fame is the movie named”GRAND THEFT AUTO”, released in 1977. The car has no rust what so ever. It has 42,000 original miles. It sat in an enclosed building the movie company owned for about 43 years. That same movie company is responsible for painting its current yellow paint, over top the original B-5 blue. I put a battery and some fuel in it and hit the key, and it fired right up. It is an ac car, has H D 11” power drum brakes, large 26” Rad and a clutch fan. 318, auto trans. No broken glass and the seats are very nice. I’m not looking to get rich on this car, and I do need to sell it. The car is priced at $7,000.00. Delivery is a possibility if the buyer agrees to pay for fuel both ways, and hotel stays according to how far the buyer is from me. I can be reached thru this forum. I’ll try and upload some pics! 4F39B772-C5AB-41B6-8E5A-21D411F580D7.jpeg 18173D91-F7B0-41E9-B5AC-F28311A21757.jpeg DE62A7CA-E1B6-4A48-BAD7-4C68F033B861.jpeg A77EC518-5895-4D87-83A5-1F7B24B1C207.jpeg 6E76C734-A8CE-4B67-B6B4-0B3012E54299.jpeg 1619710D-8653-46C2-A57D-FCE9BF92D5F2.jpeg F404963B-AC59-40F7-B0FB-06BFE7933360.jpeg 9DDBD303-7137-4ACE-8FEC-7919F93A8CE7.jpeg
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