FOR SALE 1969 ralley dash parts and woodgrain steering wheels

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    Dec 16, 2017
    Collins Ohio 44826
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    Hi I have dash pieces and ralley cluster housing and 2 1968-68 woodgrain steering wheels. Located in collins ohio 44826. Price below and everything is plus shipping.

    2 -1969 ralley woodgrain dash cluster bezels. $100 each.
    1970 ralley cluster bezel. $50
    1968-70 ralley cluster housing. $200
    1968-69 woodgrain steering wheels. The lower one in picture is $300 and the upper one is $400.

    20210610_150806_copy_3024x2268.jpg 20210610_150845_copy_3024x2268.jpg 20210610_150812_copy_3024x2268.jpg 20210610_150827_copy_3024x2268.jpg 20210610_150903_copy_2268x3024.jpg 20210610_150857_copy_2268x3024.jpg
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