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1969 Roadrunner 2dr sedan (post) rear window trim


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Jul 30, 2012
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Buffalo, NY
Does anyone know what goes on the exterior, below the pop out windows, and where to get it?
Must be some kind of trim but I can't seem to even find a good picture.
you are probably thinking of whats called belt line molding
it was not that common and used is your only source.
Flypaper is correct. I think M-31 is the trim code. My Superbee has them. It runs under the pop out glass and continues down the door under the door glass. Don't see many cars with it , but it sure looks good to me. I'll try to post a picture.
Thanks. I can't find that I took anything off when I disassembled so it probably wasn't there. If you have a picture, that would be great.

Appreciat the responses....
M31 is the correct code for the belt molding. It is not common to find this on Roadrunners or Super Bees but they are out there. I agree it does look nice.

Picture below shows the M21 code, drip rail molding and M07, center pillar molding as well. All were on the build sheet for this car.

Hope this helps. D

IMG_0583 W.jpg
try roseville mopar they have some parts for post car quarter windows.
Hello. I'm searching for a few items related to the popout window for a 1968 Roadrunner.
1. Passenger side chrome Pillar trim
2. Passenger side lower trim that curves at the back.
3. Passenger side item that goes between the popout window and the body at the top of the window.

Any help in finding these would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
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