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FOR SALE 1970 383 SuperBee Numbers Survivor Needs Nothing - What's It Worth?

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Sep 29, 2011
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Well, I knew this day would come sooner or later. I collect cars and have about 40, lots of Mopars. I have a 1970 Super Bee 383 auto with A/C, survivor numbers car that I'm thinking about selling to reduce what I have in my collection. I bought it from a woman who worked at the Belvidere, IL plant when she worked there in 1970. I'm the second owner and the car needs nothing and everything works. The metal is great and there's not one rip in the interior. The only thing it does need is a heater control valve which I have NOS but never put in. The car sits in storage in one of my buildings year after year and it's a shame someone can't really enjoy it and show it like it should be. The car runs, sounds and shifts great. Like I said, this is a completely unmolested in any way survivor. It even has the original Pentastar emblem floor mats. Nothing has ever been modified.

Does anyone have any idea what it's worth? I was thinking about posting it here or on Ebay or both. I'm going to be very sad to let her go. You very seldom run across this type of survivor.

Thanks for your help and opinions,

Holy cow, that's an awesome 'Bee!

Don't quote me on it but I would put you're reserve around $20-25,000. A better idea would be to get it appraised.

Good luck with your sale. If I didn't just buy a 1969, I'd seriously consider this car.
Interesting color combo.

I'd say closer to 30K for an unmolested original everything car.

There has been some discussion about a/c cars NOT having orange engines.

This should stir that debate up.

I sure do miss my '70.
Keep your eye on the '70 Super Bee survivor car which is currently on Ebay. That may give you a ballpark on this one. The other car would be a level above yours in my opion, as it is a 4-spd, with a more popular color combination. I think really the color combo on yours is going to keep it out of top tier as far as price. Hi-Impact colors, 4-spds, N96 cars seem to grab the big money. Yours is an unusual combination to say the least. More optioned for comfort, than all-out performance it seems.

None-the-less, a beautiful car in its own right. I'd love to own it!
With all the underhood replacement parts and that color your on the lower end than say a desirable color example. The A/C has 134 fittings on it?
I was expecting to see a "cleaner" overall appearance when the survivor word gets used. The steering wheel has major dirt or wear on it and the rugs/mats look dirty.
I'd want to see the bottom of the car to see just how survivor it is.
I'd agree with 20-25K.
With all the underhood replacement parts and that color your on the lower end than say a desirable color example. The A/C has 134 fittings on it?
I was expecting to see a "cleaner" overall appearance when the survivor word gets used. The steering wheel has major dirt or wear on it and the rugs/mats look dirty.
I'd want to see the bottom of the car to see just how survivor it is.
I'd agree with 20-25K.

And no chrome left on the armrest base?

If that is 43K?

Mine is 29K and shows no wear.... (On armrest)

But never say. Never.

i think it could bring 40k.
The colour combo is unusual but not popular

Well, I was someday going to redo this car and my intentions were to paint it plum crazy and just re-do the car from ground up. I can do B body restorations in my sleep just about at this point in my life. Friends kept telling me, are you crazy, this is a true clean unmolested survivor, DON'T DO IT. So, I never did, and learned to appreciate it as a survivor. The thing is, the car is in storage at my place covered all the time and I have too many cars to enjoy really any of them. I've got really mixed feelings about selling anything because I'm one of those guys who never has. I'm 64 now now and have kind of lost interest, just have too many cars and parts, and get more enjoyment out of just doing the restoration work than anything else. I would rather restore parts or complete cars I have than anything in the world. It's great satisfaction for me to look at a car that I have restored every nut and bolt on.

The color combination is WEIRD, I know. You know how it goes though, weird is good. I've got a 3rd gen '73 Charger 1 of 396 340/4spd cars that I'm finishing up now that I did a full resto on, everything to stock spec, should start her next week. Car is weird with the respect of the WIDE rocker moldings and it was ordered with clear glass all the way around. It's a numbers car and I know what I'm going to do with it, won't show it, no time, will pull it in one of my buildings, cover it, and work on something else of mine.

I guess the biggest thing with me and the Bee is that I can't/don't want to do anything to it, and since the work is my pride and pleasure....

- - - Updated - - -

Well, that engine has never been detailed, modified or pulled out, so it's the original color with A/C.

- - - Updated - - -

Yes, I had the A/C upgraded so it worked.

The car has never been cleaned up. I don't care if I sell it or not. I just want to get a feel for what it's worth if I do sell it. I've got a Mopar guy about 30 miles from me that always asks about me selling it to him. That's why I'm thinking about putting it on Ebay or something. I want to build a house so I'm going to sell perhaps a dozen of my cars. Chevelles, GTO's, 440's, tons of parts etc etc.

This car isn't all rusted out and torque boxes are great too.
Just had someone out and it's actually 49k miles. He said the front fenders were never off and he knew all the fender tag codes by memory. My kinda guy. Said everything was correct and working.

Well, I guess I am serious and have some offers already, and someone just came out and looked at it this afternoon. We're supposed to get rain the next few days here in central Wisconsin so I'm half thinking of just taking a lot of pictures and posting it on Ebay by next weekend.

I just racked it (can't believe I never did since 2007) and verified that it's totally numbers matching drive train etc etc, and the fender tag decodes exactly as it should.
The trunk has been patched in places but it looks like they did a very good job, they're small patches. It started right up after being in storage since last June.
There is a slight exhaust leak from the right rear stock exhaust manifold. Everything electrical still works fine. The lower quarters may have been patched at one time but there is no rust or bubbling, except a little under the front of the vinyl top. This is one of those "do nothing to it" survivor very driveable cars. It really doesn't need anything to keep it a good driver survivor, it looks and runs really nice.

I wish you guys were closer so you could see it. I know I personally will never buy a car again (I got burned once) without seeing it. I have some old pix of all my cars on my old website www.grumpys-garage.com I'm going to list a 1 of 200 made 1976 Cadillac Bicentennial convertible probably next week. One sold on Ebay a year ago for 83k, Jay Leno owns one and some prince or something in Saudi Arabia. Another example of a great car that I have that I take out of storage for 1 hour a year to go through the fluids and make sure the anti freeze is good. Oh well. I'd rather garden at this point in my life. I've been working on cars for 50 years.

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Hi Dave,

you wrote it got some patches.
Does the car really have original paint or has it been repainted?

A guy that saw it today said the whole car was painted at some point so how much else are we not being told?? Quarter patches and trunk patches don't a survivor make.
Ok No survivor but a unrestored well maintained car maybe.I would put it at around 25K with the color combo and still being a clean car.
I didn't think they put torque boxes on 383 cars?
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