FOR SALE 1970 Plymouth Road Runner V-Code Coupe 440 Six Barrel

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    Dec 14, 2020
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    1970 Plymouth Road Runner V-Code Coupe 440 Six Barrel.
    Original V-Code A34 Super Track Pak Car.
    1 of 177 Coupes produced with the A34 option.
    FY1 Lemon Twist with Black Interior.
    Correct Date Coded Six Pack Engine (F code stamp HP motor) block VIN does not match. Bench seat, 4-Speed, Hurst Shifter, Tik Toc Tach, Dana 60 Sure Grip. Air Grabber hood works great. Air Grabber, Dust Trails and Go Wing added.
    Original fender tag.
    All body numbers match.
    Asking $59,000.
    Location New York.
    Thank you.
    RR1.jpg side.jpg back.jpg side garage.jpg air grabber.jpg sixpack.jpg door.jpg trunk.jpg Interior.jpg VIN.jpg
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