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1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite from Junk to......


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Oct 27, 2017
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Ok so I have a lot of threads but not a single progressive documented thread. Been meaning to do this for a while now. So here is goes.

Background, I wanted to have a car to work on again after many years on and off restoring and building a few cars. So I was looking around for something different. Well I never had a Mopar and this time that's what I wanted to try. I saw an "Offer Up" add for a 1970 Plymouth. No other description. It was rusting in the original owners backyard like a junk yard. What I did see was the tail lights. That told me either it was a Roadrunner or a Sport Satellite as these had the same tails.

It turns out that it was a Sport Satellite with the venerable 318CI engine SB and a 904 automatic. I was looking for an automatic as every car I have owned over the last 40 years have been manual.

All four tires were shredded, every panel needs some type of work but the body being in AZ was really free of rust except the roof and trunk pan. The culprit was the vinyl roof which I hear is common since they only primed the roof. Poor thinking but I understand that they weren't thinking out this far.
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So my wife and I had the car towed home. She helped me and the driver push that 17ft boat up the drive way with four flat tires. She is real Gem! This where the car sat for many years. The original owner's wife is whom I bought the car from.

IMG_7508.JPG IMG_7516.JPG IMG_7510.JPG IMG_7536.JPG
Did I mention that there were rats living in the air cleaner assembly? Yup! Did I mention that the owner had a partial interior color change? Yes she certainly did! She must loved Christmas because the car was originally dark green interior and she had red carpet headliner and seats made red lol.

After cleaning out 30 years of crap in the engine bay this is what I was dealing with. Looked reasonable!

IMG_7537.JPG IMG_7591.JPG
My intentions of this project was to end up with a car I could afford to drive. The last car I restored was a 1971 Corvette Roadster Big Block 454. I had the car for 16 years and never was able to enjoy it for many reasons. I restored it to original except I had the motor built in a way that you could not tell it was not original. I bored and stroked it to a 496 with full roller rockers and a solid roller lifter cam set up by comp cams. I sold the car thinking I was not going to live much longer. In HS I had a 1973 Z28 that I loved and still wish I had. Things change and here I still am but now with a Mopar lol. A Chevy guy lol..........
So I needed tires and I figured I would splurge and get the wheels I wanted since HS! So I threw these on first! Ignore the engine bay this has not been addressed yet......

looks like a good starting point keep us posted on your progress
So lets talk about what I did to try and get her running for the first time in many years besides a new battery :wetting:
I noticed that the intake manifold was rusted through on one of the heater ports and was the stock two barrels YUK PUKE :bs: So I put a new Edlebrock intake on with a new demon carburetor and some new valve covers.

IMG_7940.JPG IMG_7916.JPG IMG_7919.JPG IMG_7921.JPG IMG_7955.JPG
Worked the linkages and kick down for temp operation. Restored the fan assembly. Replaced the water pump :rofl:

IMG_7984.JPG IMG_7925.JPG IMG_7899.JPG
so your a Heartburn of a america chevy guy,its ok I wont hold that against you. I like the red seats. Hope your driving soon.
Had to simultaneously deal with a real big electrical issue. The past owners let their son "fix" the car. His name was Bubba :mad:so it was a mess to say the least. He jumped all the fusses and broke a lot of connections arrrrrrg. Needed to put in a new ignition harness and lock...I love the old Niehoff NOS lock cylinder I found!!!! I M KEEPING THE BOX!

IMG_7687.JPG IMG_7990.JPG IMG_7679.JPG
Yep same with my Bee new dash,engine tail light harness. Rebuild steering column to switch to ps.
Fiend, didn’t everyone start out with Chebby’s? Waiting for updates to come. ‘63 327 Impala then 64-1/2 small block Falcon and others! We are adaptable!!!
Fiend, didn’t everyone start out with Chebby’s?
Wash your mouth out. :lol:

Only ever owned one myself...out of desperation. Congrats on a Build Thread fiend....nice work so far compiling it. :thumbsup:
im liking this story already,and seeing as you scored it out of someones backyard as a 70 plymouth,what did you have to pay for it?
The ugly.....roof is actually much worse.

0578E668-EFEF-4204-A4A0-7D62280CC8A5.jpeg 560FF4E3-7089-4D82-A0F8-08F523697B12.jpeg 000C0A4D-BDC5-4BB7-9836-D0CE80B19EAB.jpeg E97B6068-FA05-4B2C-95AA-706EE44D912D.jpeg
im liking this story already,and seeing as you scored it out of someones backyard as a 70 plymouth,what did you have to pay for it?
Yeah...Spill it.
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