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WTB 1970 Plymouth Superbird NOS Nose Decals Wanted

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Mopar John

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Jun 1, 2013
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I am trying to put a set of original 1970 Plymouth Superbird NOS nose cone decals together.
I am looking for: the LH drivers side head light surround decal part number 3571179
the LH drivers side head light door decal part number 3571171
the RH passengers side head light door decal part number 3571170
I do have an extra NOS "PLYMOUTH" decal for the quarter panel in black part number 3571114 for trade.
If you can help start a private conversation with price and shipping to 46391.
Thanks! John

I would like to thank the members that have tried to help me find these NOS decals.
I did find an NOS LH Drivers side headlight surround part number 3571179.
So I am still hunting for the headlight door decals part numbers 3571170 and 3571171.
I will buy orphans or one side door and surround to help build this set.

Just so everyone knows that when dadsbee replied here
Jerry Hall and I already had a private conversation going.
I think he is going to be able to help and will post the results
when I can.
Thanks Wayne ( dadsbee ) and Jerry!
Well this morning I received my package from Jerry Hall!
Inside was an NOS Superbird drivers side headlight door decal!
Jerry also sent along a passengers side headlight door decal.
He warned me that it might be a reproduction and it is.
So I want to thank Jerry for letting loose of these decals!
Sometimes even though they are not installed on the car they become part of it.
So I am still on the lookout for an NOS Superbird passengers side
headlight door decal.
Thanks! Jerry!

Having had some NOS decals and see how they shrunk over the years.

Is there any chance these are even still usable ?
I am not worried if they are usable!
I bought the plastic sleeve and a full set of properly stored NOS Superbird nose decals
from the Schellinger family that runs the Daytona Superbird Auto Club.
The plastic sleeve and the NOS passengers surround decal is from that purchase.
I bought those decals around 2008 and they were almost 40 years old then!
We installed that set on my Superbird during the 2013-2015 restoration.
They went on perfectly and have that special texture on them!
I have collected a full set minus the passengers headlight door decal so far.
The decals that I have been buying have not been stored the same!
The ones that the wrinkles are in the decal and backing are leveling out.
The ones were the backing is split from the decal are dried out in those areas.
So I don't think those are going to stick in those areas.
If you happen to come across an NOS passengers headlight decal let me know.
Thanks! John
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