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WTB 1970 Superbird Rear Window Driver side Diamond

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9:51 AM
Sep 1, 2011
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Hortonville Wi.
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I am restoring a 1970 Superbird. One of my rear window diamonds got lost while it was at a body shop. Now I am looking for a driver side rear window diamond. Thank You
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Remove your phone number or you will be spammed and scammed to no end...

Hope the body shop is good for a grand or more on that. I've never seen one for sale, more likely that you'll be pulling a mould off a borrowed one to make one.
Ck with Mike AKA Dayclona

I think he was making them ,,,I think
I have a remake, but I want an original. The body shop hates me now because I took my car back because lack of work on the Superbird. They had my car for 1 1//2 years with minimal work and then charge me $3500.
If the car is insured with Hagerty make sure you file a claim and make a police report. That way they are on the shitlist if anyone brings their car there for a covered repair. They did not lose that part, they stole it. I am always amazed how they lose those, or the windshield chrome, back window trim, park lamp frames, the hard to find stuff. Bodyshops are where superbirds go to die, always telling you how much the car is worth, tear it apart then not work on it, do **** work, then blame the owner. I would get even somehow, I guarantee that, they are pissed at you, that is par for the course, fk them.
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