SOLD 1970 *WIDE MOUTH* Kelsey Hayes Disc Brake Caliper & Parts.

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    This is whats known as a 1970 "WIDE MOUTH" Kelsey Hayes disc brake caliper, that was a one year design, that was used on the 1970 B & E body line of cars, and possibly a very early build 71, until the supply of these calipers was used up on the assembly line.

    This is a LEFT side, drivers side caliper, with calipers towards the front of the vehicle.

    This caliper has all the correct positioner pins, positioners, anti rattle spring.

    Date code on the caliper is 117 0
    April 27, 1970

    I only have this one caliper.
    Don't ask about the other side.
    Wish i did have it's mate.
    Only could find this one, in a stash of parts, in an old barn.

    Selling everything at $300.00, plus $20.00 for the mailman, in an insured package.

    Selling "as is" what you see in all the pictures.
    Might need a rebuild kit, but that's up to your determination.

    Serious buyers, send me a pm thru this forum, and i will get back with you.
    Thank's a lot.
    Jim V.

    1970 Wide Mouth Calipers 001 (Small).JPG 1970 Wide Mouth Calipers 002 (Small).JPG 1970 Wide Mouth Calipers 003 (Small).JPG 1970 Wide Mouth Calipers 004 (Small).JPG 1970 Wide Mouth Calipers 005 (Small).JPG 1970 Wide Mouth Calipers 006 (Small).JPG
Thread Status:
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