SOLD 1971 Dodge Charger right and left headlight grills Excellent condition

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    Selling a used OEM set Right and Left hand grills with the back black rubber light shield for 1971 1972 Dodge Charger. Need to be repainted, no cracks or broken mounting tabs, the only thing missing is a small horizontal piece from the passenger side grill.
    Original Mopar part.
    You wont find many in this condition. Removed from a 1971 Charger.
    If anything please contact me at 201 486 seven five seven four. Asking $300 plus shipping.
    Vic 20190818_154438.jpg 20190818_154502.jpg 20190818_154502.jpg 20190818_154805.jpg 20190818_154539.jpg 20190818_154805.jpg 20190818_154517.jpg 20190818_154756.jpg
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