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1972 B7 Blue, it is very confusing


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Dec 24, 2013
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Brought home a 72 Satellite, needs full restoration. It is yellow but will not stay yellow. Going to do a resto mod with it. Sorting through title issues, but that is a topic for another thread.

Looking at shades of blue. Model year seems to make a difference. I have found lots of 1972 car pictures in what should be B5. Even then there is some color difference, some darker than others. Cant really find any B7 cars. should be a darker blue. And if I have it right B3 is light blue or Petty blue. Not a real fan of Petty blue.

So if anyone can show some fairly correct B5 and B7 cars to see the difference that would be very helpful.
Here we go again...the first letter is important, and tells the year of the formula.

EB5, GB5, KB5.....
This is GB5 in acrylic urethane. EB5 is lighter, KB5 is darker.


Here is what I found from a '71 Ply Body Manual

71 ply paint.jpg
KB5 leans to turquoise.

I think the OP is asking about B7, though.

There used to be a nice graph with examples of Challengers 70-74, showing real cars in as many colors as could be found.
B7 is a late 60's color and you don't see a lot of them. It's a shame, because it's a nice shade. Google for example a 1969 Dodge color chart.

B7, B3 and B5 are all metallics so the age of the paint and the light conditions make all of them look different depending on these factors. For this reason, photos you will see of the varying shades will all look different unless photographed in the same conditions. A B5 car photoed in dim light can look as dark as a B7 car photoed in bright light. B3 is unmistakably lighter than B5 in just about any light.

B3 is not a "Petty Blue". "Petty Blue" type colors have no metallics which early on was a "99" paint code, and then in the early 70's similar shades were called Street Basin Blue and Super Blue (and perhaps other names as well that I cannot recall).
TB3 is in fact "corporate blue", among other names such as "Basin Street blue" or "true blue".

What year was "T"?

If you can read between the lines- "corporate" can be read as "Petty".
There IS a light metallic B3.

EB3 maybe.
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Yes EB3 is light blue metallic, I believe they called it ice blue. I don't think it was available after 1970. GB2 was available after 1970.
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