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1972 charger - which fuel tank??


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Dec 30, 2014
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hi all,

I have a question about which fuel tank I need to buy?
1972 charger- fac 318 car, now has a 383. at some point someone pulled the fuel tank off and put a fuel cell in the trunk. I want to go back to a regular fuel tank
year one shows 2 different options..
both are for built before april 1972, mine was built feb 1 , 1972,
1 has a 3/8 sending unit with 1/4 return, the other has a 5/16 sending unit, but does not show a return
I dont see any return lines from carb on the current set up, should there be ?
these are the kits that include tank, straps, sending unit and mat

any advise ?
5/16 with no return on a 318 car. This is the sender. Are you needing the tank too? you should have the later tank with the 4 vents in front. Look up above the shock mount and see if the is a little can with 4 nipples on it. The early tank have the evap can in the wheelwell behind the drivers tire.
440 cars used the 3/8" supply and 1/4" return lines. All others used a 5/16" supply with no return. That is all in the sending unit.
The difference between early and later tanks are the 4 vapor vent lines. Early they are on the side of the tank and later are on the front of the tank.
i thought so, like I said no fuel tank on car, but I am sure it should have the 4 vent lines, my 72 satty has them
For ’72, the CR10A is the early version reproduction with the vent nipples on the drivers side of the tank. For a February ’72 production car, CR10A should be the correct tank. CR10B is correct for after April 1, ’72 production, vent nipples on the front of the tank.
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