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1973 400 air cleaner clarity


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Nov 29, 2011
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Lake Orion MI
Allright my friends- recently purchased a 1973 Charger- E68. Looking for a original air cleaner part number 3671 364. Can anyone with a original car or, knowledge of what this should be existing? Is it a symmetrical dual snorkel, or a asymmetrical dual snorkel? I am not that versed in these and correlating the part # to actual piece is not happening in my searches. Pics if you folks need more clarity. Thanks in advance. Mark
If I remember correctly this was a '73
aircleaners 017.JPG
aircleaners 008.JPG
Wow! Thanks guys. It is what I was thinking, and looking at pnoras' nicks page, looks right to what I was thinking. Dadsbee confirmed. Thank you again! Anybody else wants to chime in- all good for all of us. Now, I have to go to WTB.
Just as a btw, I just picked this up from muscle car air cleaners.com ( who knew?) After going around the various forums, craigslist, farcebook, ebay(over priced- even if it was decent- meaning I could have spent the same money, and STILL had to restore it) I bought this. Thanks again you guys, Mark