FOR SALE 1973 Satellite RR Rear Window Felts


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5:59 PM
Dec 18, 2021
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I have a set of rear window felts for a 1973 Satellite or RR.
I purched a set full set from PUI for a 71-72, but PUI had their descriptions messed up, and what I received was the 73 version.
I spoke with PUI, who is now updating the part book and descriptions.
The fronts match my 71. So i am using those.
I am willing to part with the rear sections, and when i recieve the full replacements for the 71 rear, i will post the front sections.
I was going to return, but before i do, i figured I would post being these are very hard to get your hands on.
I can send pictures in a couple of days.

$110 for inner and outer sections. Plus shipping.
PM for details.
I should have the fronts in about 5 more weeks.