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1974 and 1973 Road Runner/Satellite Engine Conversions, Rearends, Leaf Springs, and Other Info


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Dec 23, 2022
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My son and I are new to B Bodies Only and keep finding more threads of intrest. I asked a question or two in the project thread, but now have discovered this tech thread. Although I received some great feedback and I wanted to provide what I have learned in case anyone else can use the info.
In case anyone is interested, here is the link to the project:

Previous Question: Are there any SB to BB or BB to SB K-member conversions out there?
Member Curiousyellow7 provided these options:

And Curiousyellow7 recommended Schumacher kits.

This is what I found out when I spoke to someone at Schumacher. It may be a couple of months before they do a production run on the BB K to a SB K conversion kit. However, they do have a SB K to BB K conversion in stock, and they offer the SB K to Gen. 3 Hemi conversion.
B-Body Engine Swap Mounts.jpg

Now Leaf Springs bring up todays big question:
1. Can someone please provide me info on the operational difference between the Heavy Duty and Standard Duty rear leaf springs. We found one of the heavy-duty Leafs (Top to bottom number 7 leaf) broken.

Question 2: Is there any aftermarket replacement individual springs to repair this?
Question 3: What is the ride height difference between the Standard and Heavy-Duty Leafs?

I have 2 additional sets of standard Leafs, so we could use one of these sets, but I am wanting to assure of the ride height and performance difference, if any before I make a decision.

Lastly, has anyone used the leaf spring rebuild kits on Classic Industries?

I addition, I am looking to find books that provide all the nuggets of information on the 73/74 Road Runner/ Satellite. Also, the venders you have discovered for these great cars.

Again, Thank you for your help.
Question 2: Is there any aftermarket replacement individual springs to repair this?
Question 3: What is the ride height difference between the Standard and Heavy-Duty Leafs?
Operation difference is the ability to more comfortably carry more in the rear of the car, or use a heavier trailer (tongue weight) if that's needed for you. Of course, if you went with a really heavy leaf, then rider comfort can begin to suffer.

Ride height should be very, very close to stock specs in an unladen vehicle. When buying leafs, you can now specify ride height over/under stock spec, or use differing front and rear hangers to accomplish your goals. I would suggest a call Espo Springs and Things for whole new leafs...., since if you have one broke, they are all indeed tired and weaker. You may find them quite affordable there. Good Luck.
From: Lefty71

Thank you Lefty71. Greatly appreciated.

I did consider Calvert Racing.
I have used them in the past, but since this is my son's first car and preservation, I was looking to save where I can and rebuild what I can.
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ZeroFiggz, Thank you for joining the thread. Before I realized I could have updated this thread name, I created another to have a larger (full car project) conversation.
Please join us there and I will move this info there also to maintain one thread.
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Thank you, and look forward to seeing you there.
Will be following this thread. I have had really good luck with firm feel . firmfeel.com Are you guys planning to run a rear swaybar?
Concerning Swaybars, yes, the Road Runner had them installed and we plan to overhaul and re-install. Any advice on them will be helpful.
Please join us at the new thread. As soon as I see you there, I will ask admin if they can remove this one.
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