FOR SALE 2-for-$10-or-free - cleaning out A/B/F/M/J/L-Body parts

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Apr 25, 2015
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EDIT: Didn't realize my PM box was full. Have cleared it.

I'm finally done with my never-ending drum-to-disc swap, so I'm selling off all the junk that I bought wrong, don't need, hoard for no reason, were sold to me incorrectly, or were bundled with parts that I bought.

Here's the deal: Everything here is $5 (or less), but:

A. I want to get rid of it ASAP and
B. There's no real point in me doing a whole bunch of piecemeal $5 trips to the USPS.

So I'd appreciate if anyone interested in this stuff could pick any two parts you like for a $10 total as a minimum.

Also, some of these parts are marked free. Add any or all of them to $10 worth of junk, and it's yours. And as you can see, I know some of these parts are barely worth $5 to start with, so I'm pretty flexible; just want to keep it the dollar values rounded to $5-10-15-20 for simplicity.

As for shipping - anything that fits in a Priority Flat Rate Box ($6) or envelope ($7) ships that way, and I may ship the boxes flat (when it can be done) to make it happen. Anything heavier or bigger (wipers, lifters) may need to be shipped in a Medium Flat Rate box ($16), but I can work with you if you prefer to stay in budget as much as possible w/Parcel Select shipping. If you're in Miami, Florida, local pick up is an option.

So, without further ado, the pics...and the parts list:





  • B-body front drum brake hose - $5 (or free if you bundle it with some other bits, really don't want it)
  • Old-style voltage regulator, don't think it's Mopar - Free
  • 11.75 disc inner wheel dust seal - Free
  • SPOKEN FOR M-body L & R brake hose - $5 for the pair
  • 15" wiper refills - $5 for pair (note - may not fit the shipping boxes listed above)
  • Single roller timing chain pulled from LA 318 - Free
  • Single-piston style anti-rattle brake clips - $5 for three boxes of 4
  • SPOKEN FOR NOS Single-piston FMJ(?) caliper rebuild kits missing pistons; dustcaps are the all-rubber style and did not fit my type of FMJ caliper which needed the metal ring type. Original P/N is 4186994 - $5 for both (and if you ask, I'll probably do $5 total for these + and one of the other brake piston part sets)
  • NOS Dodge Omni 4094128 rebuild kit with metal brake piston - $5
  • Two slant six (pretty sure they are, anyway) dizzy rotors. One used, one new. $5, and I'll probably go free if you buy some other stuff.
  • Driver's side lower door hinge from 1968 B-body 4-door. Probably fits 2-door as well. Worn out, but comes with rebuild kit (new pins and bushings). $5 for hinge and kit
  • Two slant six dizzy caps. Aluminum contacts, so not the best. $5 for both.
  • Dodge B-series van brake caliper rebuild kit, box marked '82-89 B150/250 van, might work on trucks too. Mopar #4186988, has both types of dust seals. $5 for both
  • SPOKEN FOR Pile of random roller-cam LA/Magnum type lifters that were giving me trouble on my roller LA to Magnum build. Some were given to me too from one of the guys on FABO when trying to troubleshoot why the lifters weren't pumping. Free to anyone who thinks they can fix/repurpose them (but may cost a bit in shipping).
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