SOLD (2) Vintage Goodyear POLYGLAS GT F60x15’s NICE!

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Jan 1, 2021
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Pittsburgh PA
Bought a few of these a while ago and decided I’m gonna run L60’s and G60’s so I’m offering up this set of two F60-15’s. $275 for the pair + ship.

We looked these up a while ago and found that they were manufactured at the McCreary Plant in Indiana, PA...other reproductions were made in Argentina or Brazil?? Pretty sure the date codes are from 2006, but these have been cool, dark storage from day one. They have no visible cracking or dry rot and the tread is fantastic. White letters beautiful. I have not run them so I can’t say what they’re like on the road, but if you’re looking at these you know they’re bias-ply and will not ride anything like modern radials!

I have a lot of money in the six tires I bought, so I’m just tryin to get some bucks back. I recently saw another guy selling a similar pair on FB, same tires, same price, but his not as nice....Maybe see if his are still available if you’re looking for a set of four.

EBA4C35F-A415-49F8-8E74-D30D8FF4200F.jpeg 83ABFC96-9B7D-4F4F-9634-7D1AA6830CD1.jpeg CECEF485-F9BA-4852-8CE6-B9C6EAE882C2.jpeg 631BAB67-BBCF-4771-91AF-BA08B8AD842F.jpeg E113EB14-105C-4987-824C-B6D73C8AEC26.jpeg 32874E97-5383-40D5-8734-6A84D0367372.jpeg 2D22927F-5E8E-48DB-89F0-8A1402BE96AB.jpeg 37547D52-65F2-486C-9E6E-F4C1E511C079.jpeg 577C899B-7A5F-4D36-8D57-CBA828E5C979.jpeg AA43C9F0-4C58-47A7-88BF-6C236164CB60.jpeg
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