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3 SPDR. Wiper motor color?


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Aug 8, 2018
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Just wondering I see guys posting pictures of restored wiper motor and they are golden agonized color but mine is far as I I know factory and it's black. Which would be correct? This is from my 70 rr

Someone painted it black, like my Superbirds. I just used a plastic brush handle and started rubbing to get it cleaned off... as mine was on the car. You could try some lacquer thinner..
superbirdcleanup20182019 478.JPG
superbirdcleanup20182019 499.JPG
superbirdcleanup20182019 501.JPG
superbirdcleanup20182019 502.JPG
Of all colors, they ain’t black!

They are To be gold anodized on the motor barrel and the center housing is aluminum.

thanks guys was just wondering, now I know, kinda what I figured based on the restored units posted
Yes, yellow zinc chromate is the OE finish on the barrel. When I restored the 3speed from daughter's 69RT, replicated the chromate finish with spray cans. Silver base with a light anodized gold topcoat.