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318 '675' heads/ correct intake gasket?


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8:24 AM
May 10, 2016
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Central NJ
i have 2843675 318 heads(68-71) that i'm about to order intake gaskets. I suspect an intake leak pulling oil.
Previously i installed the Fel pro 1213 gaskets.
Maybe i'm getting crosseyed and reading too much but i've read all pre-1989 head are 2BBL and as such..would I use the Fel pro 1243 gasket?
My head is to full to think right now.
Guru's...straighten me out here.

Neither gasket unless you want the heat crossover blocked off. Otherwise FEL-MS90009 would be correct.​

@pnora ,
i have no issue blocking crossover. That's what i have currently.
Might try gaskets from Hughes engines that are .031 thick instead of .060 as I may have a slight mis-match between heads and Eddie performer intake that is allowing oil to suck into the right bank. Need to try that and let it "sink" into valley before pulling it and have it milled to match heads.
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